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Karsten Drath of Germany is Making an Impact on Resilience and Innovation

Karsten Drath of Germany is Making an Impact on Resilience and Innovation

January 22, 2019

Around the world cyclist, Karsten Drath joins us from Heidelberg, Germany to discuss what he has learned about resilience training. He also shares how he builds his capacity to withstand hardships and adversity in order to create environments where people and teams thrive.

At Inspired Wisdom, our mission is to interview 100 people from 100 countries who are making a social impact. Karsten is making an impact by navigating the globe by bike to raise money for the Resilience of young people.  

Karsten discusses how Zis, a non-profit organization, provides scholarships for study trips to young adults between ages 16 and 20. When Karsten was a teen, he received a scholarship to work on a whaling station in Iceland and study Scientific Whaling. 

20 years later, Karsten rekindled his passion for the Zis organization and combined it with his love of endurance sports. His goal is to circumnavigate the earth by bike in 10 annual 3-week rides. In the show notes, I’ve included additional details with itineraries if you’d like to meet up with Karsten or contribute to his campaign.

Karsten is a leadership coach and expert on resilience with an extensive 16-year career in international consulting and leadership.

Karsten has a very special passion and commitment to learning. He has navigated his career through engineering, business, an E-MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, executive coaching and psychotherapy.

Karsten has written several books and articles on the subject of coaching, resilience and leadership, including

  • Coaching and its Roots (in German)
  • Resilience in Corporate Leadership (in German)
  • Resilient Leadership, and
  • Rules of Success

Karsten will talk about his two latest books titled Resilient Leadership and Rules of Success.

More About Karsten

Currently, Karsten is a Managing Partner at Leadership Choices, one of the leading providers of executive development in Europe. He is accredited with the International Coach Federation, Fairfax, the Center for Creative Leadership, Brussels and the World Economic Forum, Geneva. In addition, he works as adjunct faculty at the Center for Responsible Leadership of the WHU business school in Koblenz.

Karsten spends his free time with his family and endurance sports like bicycling for 3 weeks at a time around the globe.


Inspired Wisdom

Cynder Niemela, MA, MBA is an award-winning author and internationally recognized expert in executive coaching and developing global teams. As a result of growing up in the Middle East and Europe, Cynder leverages her international experience working in the Middle East as one of a few women permitted to work in Saudi Arabia. First, as a marine biologist followed by years of developing leaders and teams for Saudi-ARAMCO.  Mission: Interview 100 people from 100 countries who are working with heart and mind for positive social impact.  

Hollywood Costume Designer, Kristen Anacker: What is the Potential of Your Life’s Work

Hollywood Costume Designer, Kristen Anacker: What is the Potential of Your Life’s Work

January 15, 2019

"Daydreams are basic design." - Frank Lloyd Wright

Kristen Anacker was a costume designer for movies and TV in Hollywood for 26 years. She has 49 movie credits to her name. 

Kristen started designing costumes for her husband’s rock band; when he left she had no way of expressing her passion and livelihood. Or so she thought.

Kristen will share with us her most challenging times – of leaving the security of her home in Sonoma for the ever-changing world of Hollywood and of putting herself out there every time one movie ended to make the transition from one movie to the next.

She first took the Conference in 1989, and with the support of A C N, she began her career in film. She has been a Conference Coach since 1999, and she now leads the Sonoma Conference.


We all seek a network that supports us in clearing away our limiting beliefs and cheers us on as we find our voice in the world. Kristen found the support she needed to be courageous and step out onto a bigger stage in the Artist Conference Network. Kristen will share with us the origins of this national organization that is open to anyone who wants to play on the outer limits of possibility and the highest potential of their life’s work.

More about Kristen Anacker

A few of her favorite movies

  • Christopher Munch, Director

    • “Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day” on Youtube
    • Sleepy Time Gal trailer
    • Letters from a Big Man
  • Orgazmo:

Artist Conference Network (ACN) 

ACN founder, Beverly Cassell, was a painter and teacher. She saw that many artists lived and learned their art in a context of critique and isolation. She envisioned a new culture for the arts, one that evoked the field of creative possibility in an atmosphere of mutual respect and camaraderie.

The Purpose of the Artist Conference Network is to access mastery in the work, careers, and lives of people doing creative work. We stand for the power of a creative coaching community to catalyze great art and lives!

Karen Keller on Mastering Your Influence Potential

Karen Keller on Mastering Your Influence Potential

January 7, 2019

KK_Headshot_png.pngKaren Keller, Ph.D., is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Influence: What's the Missing Piece.


Over 20 years of research and client work led to the creation of the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®). The KII® is the ONLY tool in the world that measures an individual’s potential to be influential.


Personal Tragedy Informed Karen's Purpose

Karen discusses with Cynder how personal tragedy led to her researching the topic of Influence and ultimately to her 20 years of research and the creation of the Keller Influence Indicator®.

Karen will share the 7 factors that comprise one’s ability to be influential.  

If you

  • strive to reach peak performance but find the effort is taking a toll
  • are confident in some situations but come across as less confident in others
  • receive feedback that you aren’t consistently trustworthy or likable
  • find your level of passion and commitment waxes and wanes like the phases of the moon
  • want to know the relationship between executive presence and influence

 then, you won't want to miss Cynder's interview with Karen.

For additional informational information about the KII and how to reach Karen Keller, please go to Inspired Wisdom.

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