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John King Best-Selling Author on Tribal Leadership

John King Best-Selling Author on Tribal Leadership

November 27, 2018


John King is the co-author of The New York Times  #1 best-selling book titled Tribal Leadership. This book changed the trajectory of thinking about Organizational Culture.

The premise is simple in theory – every organization is composed of tribes – naturally occurring groups of 20-150 people. However, few organizations have a repeatable roadmap for leveraging natural groups to build thriving and resilient leaders and organizations.

I first heard about John and Tribal Leadership at a conference where I heard Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos and the bestselling author of Delivering Happiness, present with John. I was a huge fan of Zappos and impressed by how Tony held John is such high esteem.

John has many talents and successes … too many for one episode of Inspired Wisdom. Therefore, I have split our interview into two parts.

In Part I, John will share his experiences as 

  • A professional dancer for 13 years on TV, film, and theatre
  • Author: John directed, wrote and sold TV shows and movies in Los Angeles
  • Coach and Trainer: John reinvented his career and leveraged his experience as a performer by leading programs for Landmark Education

During his time with Landmark, John met Dave Logan. Over the next 13 years, John

  • co-wrote two books with Dave, The Coaching Revolution, and Tribal Leadership
  • Taught for 13 years at USC Marshall School of Business, School of Public Policy, and Annenberg School of Communication

In Part II, John will go into more detail on the Tribal Leadership model and his working internationally with global organizations.

John’s full bio and show notes are on the Inspired Wisdom website.


Short Bio

John is an Internationally recognized as a senior teacher, coach, and program leader. John’s executive clients have been featured on all major television networks and in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

John is on Faculty for CELA at American University in Bulgaria, the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) in the Gulf Region, and the Southeast Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA). He delivers The Cultural Map, Triads and Strategy, for the University of Arizona, Southwest Leadership Program (SWLP). John is Professor Emeritus at the Moscow International Leadership Academy (MILA). 

James Elfer from London Uses Science and Creativity to Transform Work

James Elfer from London Uses Science and Creativity to Transform Work

November 10, 2018

James_Elfer1.jpgJames Elfer Joins us from London, UK

James is the founder and director of MoreThanNow; a behavioral change agency that uses science and creativity to transform the world of work. Their mission is to show that when we look beyond short-term profits, we can create a better workplace for everyone.

It's why James and his team partner with clients who share their belief in social purpose.

"We're here to push the boundaries of what that can achieve. After all," says James, "the workplace is not an island. Large organizations are deeply interconnected with our society and they reflect and influence the world outside. They can be both - a force for good and an engine for growth."

James will share with us his thoughts on:

  • Disruption in the workplace – what does it mean really?
  • The advantages of going on a digital detox
  • Purpose-driven organizations
  • Self-determination theory and purposeful work
  • The Inclusion Lab: An alternative to Unconscious Bias Training

For additional notes on this interview with host, Cynder Niemela, along with links and resources mentioned, please go to InspiredWisdom.Us




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