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Marilyn O’Hearne, author, Breaking Free From Bias

Marilyn O’Hearne, author, Breaking Free From Bias

June 30, 2018

O_HEARNE_Marilyn_e_headshot_with_more_white_space.jpegMarilyn O'Hearne on Breaking Free From Bias

Marilyn O’Hearne is a master certified coach, speaker and author of Breaking Free from Bias. Coaching since ’98 and in 28 countries, Marilyn says it is impossible to not work interculturally! 

Marilyn has been fascinated with culture and committed to peace since age 9. This lead to her coaching leaders from the United Nations since 2013.

"Awareness of our biases is not enough." Marilyn will discuss with us her 6-step IMPACT process companies use to break free from bias and boost their bottom line.

Marilyn will discuss with us her 6-step IMPACT process to break free from bias and boost the bottom line.

For more about Marilyn O'Hearne and show notes, please go to Inspired Wisdom.

Musings on Mastery with Andrew Nemr, Master Tap Dancer, Ted Fellow, Millennial

Musings on Mastery with Andrew Nemr, Master Tap Dancer, Ted Fellow, Millennial

June 24, 2018

NEMR-ARTIST-01-LowRes.jpg Master Tapper Andrew Nemr

The New York Times described Andrew Nemr as a “masterly tapper”. Today, he is considered one of the most diverse tap dance artists. An international performer, choreographer, educator and speaker, Andrew:

  • mentored with Savion Glover and Gregory Hines
  • has played with Grammy Award-winning musicians across multiple genres
  • danced at the
    • opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival
    • the Jerry Lewis Telethon
    • Winter Olympics Arts Festival
    • Nijinsky Awards in Monaco

To name only a few of his awards. On Inspired Wisdom, I’ve added show notes, links to Andrew's bio and several videos of Andrew tapping.

Tap emerged about 150 years ago. It’s an American melding of African and European percussive dance traditions. 

I didn’t know this history when I was a kid watching musicals from the 40’s with Sammy Davis Jr., Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Eleanor Powell, James Cagney and Ginger Rogers. In the movies, the characters experienced personal challenges. But, their love of dance and song helped them put life into perspective. Finding solace in music and dance during troubling times is a common theme for the artists on the Voice, So You Think You Can Dance and World of Dance.

Artists of all kinds inspire me to think about life from different perspectives and in a more holistic way. In business, we tend to spend a lot of our workday - heck years - in left brain activities. Meetings have agendas, we have roles and responsibilities, and processes and protocols.

Like dance and music, these rules of engagement serve a purpose. Yet, many of us also have a yearning to discover our creative voice and develop it during our workday.

Andrew says that “dance is not about technique, it’s about life and how dancing is a part of it.”

Andrew will share with us his personal journey 

  • of self-expression and self-discovery
  • from taking his first dance class at 3 years old and how that inspired his life-long love and commitment to tap
  • his experience mentoring with Gregory Hines and Savion Glover

Finally, Andrew shares with us how trust, play, and fun impact his relationships and his performances with others. He also gives us advice on values, decision-making, and leading others.

If you want to engage your creative side at work and play, I know you will enjoy my conversation with Master Tapper, Andrew Nemr.

Please let me comments at Inspired Wisdom.


Cynder Niemela

Host of the Inspired Wisdom Podcast

Executive Coach, Vikki Brock, PhD on Living Your Active Legacy

Executive Coach, Vikki Brock, PhD on Living Your Active Legacy

June 16, 2018

Vikki_Brock-6480_Headshot.jpegExecutive Coach Vikki Brock on Coaching in the Middle East

Vikki Brock joined Boeing in Seattle right out of college. Vikki took advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow her career at Boeing. She was the first woman the company sent to the executive MBA program. In 1994, Vikki left her 21-year career at Boeing to launch her consulting and coaching practice. 

Vikki joined the nascent coaching industry and was introduced to Thomas Leonard, founder of CoachU and the International Coach Federation (ICF). She completed her coaching certification at CoachU and was among the first cohort to earn her Master Coach Certification (MCC) from the ICF in 1998.

Curious about the origins of coaching, Vikki went on to earn her Ph.D. in Coaching and Human Development. She went on to publish the most comprehensive history of coaching to date in her book the Sourcebook of Coaching History.

This program is for you

  • if you are a coach and want to hear more about the origins of coaching from a pioneer of the coaching industry
  • If you do business in the Middle East or you manage people from Asia, Vikki will share her experience of working in Kuwait
  • if you would like to know more about coaching and how to select a coach for your business

Please check Inspired for speaker notes, links and handouts for this episode with executive coach, Vikki Brock.

Entrepreneur and Cyclist, Sinartus Sosrodjojo joins us from Indonesia

Entrepreneur and Cyclist, Sinartus Sosrodjojo joins us from Indonesia

June 7, 2018

Sinartus_photo.jpegSinartus Sosrodjojo, Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful and vast archipelago that is the size of the US from the east to the west. Bali, New Guinea, and Java are among the more commonly traveled and familiar places in Indonesia. Here are just a few facts about Indonesia: 

  • Jakarta is the capital with a population in 2014 of over 10 mm.
  • In the early 21st century Indonesia was the most populous country in Southeast Asia and the fourth most populous in the world.
  • Many don’t realize that Indonesia is also 89% Muslim.

When Sinartus was in 3rd grade his parents asked him if he’d like to go to boarding school in CA. Excited by the prospect of a plane ride, Sinartus responded with an enthusiastic YES.

Sinartus went on to complete high school and then college in CA before returning to Jakarta in 2000 as a photojournalist.

Sinartus is currently focused on the intersection of customer engagement and employee engagement with digitalization, data analysis, and good business processes.

If you want to do business in Indonesia, you have Indonesians on your team, you are looking for your next travel destination … or you like to learn about different cultures … you won’t want to miss my conversation with Sinartus.

Sinartus will share with us what he learned about

  • adjusting to life as a student in the US
  • returning home to Indonesia and feeling like a foreigner in his own country
  • pivoting his career as the digital world replaced print media
  • lessons learned as an entrepreneur with everything on the line
  • distinctions between western and eastern cultures and its impact on education, cultural norms and business
  • what Indonesians are learning as they watch current US political arena
  • travel tips
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