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Beverley Wright, 30+ Years with IBM as a Leader and Coach

May 24, 2018

Beverley Wright: A Successful Business Leader, Community Advocate, and Leadership Coach 

Beverley held leadership and management roles at IBM for over 30 years.

Beverley started at IBM thinking she’d stay for 5 years at most. However, she had a paradigm shift and saw an opportunity to pivot from doing a job to driving her career choices. Beverley successfully transitioned from her role as an individual contributor to climbing the leadership ladder in marketing and sales. In the late 90’s she pivoted again and gained expertise in coaching sales teams and executives 

Today, Beverley continues to work with leaders and helps them become more people-centered while achieving professional and personal goals. 

You won’t want to miss my interview with Beverley Wright if you are a

  • high-energy, successful salesperson and you now find yourself leading a sales team
  • entrepreneur and want to shape your leadership brand as a team leader
  • business owner and you want effective methods for building a high-performance team

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