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Reflective Inquiry Creates Breakthrough Change

Reflective Inquiry Creates Breakthrough Change

September 11, 2019

Reflective Inquiry is an active replay where people are invited to see their own truth.

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is the expert organizations call on to breathe life into their conversations and cultures using reflective inquiry.

Marcia is energetic, funny and 100% committed to transformational leadership.

As a child, she was described as precocious, opinionated and with some kind of social problem. When she was 19, she found herself in jail struggling with drug abuse and low self-esteem. But that changed when her cellmate unwittingly reflected what she saw - a smart, strong woman who cared about people. Her cellmate told Marcia, “when you get that in here (pointing to her heart), you can do anything out there.”

And Marcia has done just that. Over the past 30 years, she has spoken and coached leaders in 38 countries and reached over 100K people worldwide in her training programs.  


Reflective Inquiry provokes insight; questions just get answers.

My Interview with Marcia will be of benefit if you want to:

  • Develop others
  • Hold conversations that activate meaningful breakthroughs
  • Enhance your listening and / or leadership skills
  • Create profound connections that activate change, creativity, and joy 
  • Inspire others to step up and work on their own
  • Project confidence and a powerful presence 


Highlights of my interview with Marcia

  • The skills of Reflection and Reflective Inquiry
  • The power of Reflective Inquiry to help us learn and think more broadly 
  • Coaches as Knowledge Sherpas
  • You want to be a better leader - a demonstration of Reflective Inquiry
  • Leading the agile workplace: Advice for leaders who want to develop their people
  • The dominant emotions in the workplace - worldwide
  • Cultural differences that impact leadership transformation globally 
  • How to be present when you are feeling anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed stressed out, dissatisfied? 
  • Marcia's mantra that keeps her focused on her larger purpose: what is it that I want to create in the bigger picture?

She published 3 books, completed 2 masters' degrees in Broadcasting and Adult learning, a doctorate in Organization Psychology, and has 2 highly engaging TEDx talks.

Marcia continues to research transformational leadership to help startups and established Fortune 500 firms prosper in today’s chaotic, unpredictable world. 

Please visit Inspired Wisdom for Dr. Reynolds bio and additional links

Her books include:

 For Marcia's bio and show notes, please visit Inspired Wisdom.

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