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Helping Others Navigate Change: A Mini-Lesson and Toolkit

Helping Others Navigate Change: A Mini-Lesson and Toolkit

July 15, 2020

Insights and Tips for Leading Others Through Change

In this episode of Inspired Wisdom, we are talking about change. Specifically, we are talking about how leaders help others navigate through change. The Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing example of how our lives and the world at large are changing very dramatically. Very suddenly and with little warning, we have to change how we live our lives on a daily basis. At times it may feel surreal.

In episodes 22, 25 and 26, Karsten DrathJodi Coochise, and Rob Fazio discussed resilient leadership, navigating loss and grief, growth mindset, and mental toughness as skills we can learn to build resilience and thrive in work and life.

"You cannot change what you refuse to confront." John Spense


In Episode 27, we talked about navigating personal change and we provided resources to deepen self-awareness for how you respond to change. Understanding how we respond to change can help us lead ourselves and others through disruptive change more successfully. 


This mini-training on Helping Others Navigate Change will be of benefit if you: 

  • Have undergone a change in your role or your organization has made a change that impacts your team
  • Are experiencing changes outside your control (e.g., changes in your industry, new competitors, regulations or tariffs)
  • Need a playbook for engaging and aligning your team on co-creating opportunities 
  • Want a roadmap to navigate your team through current and future disruptions with better results


During this 20-minute mini-training on Helping Others Navigate Change, I will take you through two models of change, distinguish change and transition, and present a tool for reflecting on how you’ve navigated through change.

You’ll find downloadable handouts on Inspired Wisdom for change and transition, cultivating team resilience, tips for helping others navigate change along with the instructions for a reflection activity. 



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