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Navigating Through Change: A Mini Lesson and Toolkit

Navigating Through Change: A Mini Lesson and Toolkit

June 3, 2019


Change is constant. It is part of life and it’s inevitable.  We are always evolving and changing, as is the world we live in.  Because change involves an element of loss, the degree and frequency of change we experience can be stressful and strain our sense of self-worth and resiliency. 

Understanding how we respond to change can help us lead ourselves and others through disruptive change more successfully. This is the purpose of our mini-training on moving through change.

A common thread throughout this first set of interviews is change and transition.

In episode 2, Lion Goodman talked about his near-death experience and how this external event inspired him to look at his beliefs and world view which ultimately led to him helping others shift and transform.

In episodes 6,7, 8, and 23 Simon Kozlowski, Steven Huang, Katie Hill, and Taylan Yildiz discussed their personal and professional journeys which led them to make changes and shifts in mindset for more fulfilling careers and lives.

In episodes 22, 25 and 26, Karsten Drath, Jodi Coochise, and Rob Fazio discussed resilient leadership, navigating loss and grief, growth mindset, and mental toughness as skills we can learn to build resilience and thrive.

During this 10-minute mini-training on Navigating through Change, I will take you through two models of change, distinguish change and transition, and present a tool for reflecting on how you've navigated through change. You'll find handouts for ways of cultivating resiliency along with the instructions for the Life Mapping exercise on Inspired Wisdom. 


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